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Alan R. Beard has been licensed in Tennessee for 26 years and has spent his career practicing in the areas of Domestic relations (family law, divorce, custody, adoption, orders of protection, and child support) and criminal defense (all felonies, DUI, drug cases, theft, assault, and all other misdemeanor charges). Alan Beard is also a former U.S. Army Judge Advocate Generals Corps (JAGC) attorney and continues to assist military members and their families with difficult military issues.

Alan R. Beard has represented local residents in domestic and criminal situations in the following areas:

-Divorce and Custody
-Child Support
-Theft, Drug Offenses and other Felonies
-All Juvenile Crimes
-Federal and Felony Criminal Charges

Domestic Relations and Criminal Defense in Chattanooga, Tennessee

State and Federal Law in Chattanooga, Tennessee

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